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6.8.2017 Photos from Northern Finland and Varanger.

27.9.2015 Photos from Northern Finland.

20.7.2015 Photos from Northern Finland and Lofoten.

18.1.2015 Jussi got two clear runs last weekend. Now Markku and Jussi got their ticket to Finnish Championship competition.

9.8.2014 Photos from Kokkola, Levi and Skibotn.

2.8. 2014 Photos from Midnattsolhoppet.

12.7.2013 Photos from Varanger and Northern Finland.

1.4.2013 In March Jussi received an agility certificate and also an another clear run.

19.1.2013 Some photos of Pontus.

19.11.2012 Some photos of Pontus, our new puppy.

18.9.2011 Photos from Midnattsolhoppet

2.9.2012 Photos from Norway

5.4.2012 Jussi got a clear run in agility last Sunday.

19.2.2012 Photos from Ylläs and Tromsø

25.9.2011 Photos from Norway

30.7.2011 Photos from Midnattsolhoppet

29.7.2011 Jussi got a clear run in Tromso 24.7. and is in class 3 now.

12.6.2011 Jussi got his second clear run in class 2.

2.6.2011 Eppu got his second clear run in class 2.

25.3.2011 Some winter photos.

26.12.2010 Jussi got 19.12. clear run in class 2.

11.8.2010 Photos from Norway.

31.7.2010 Photos from Ähtäri Zoo.

30.7.2010 Photos from Midnattsolhoppet.

29.7.2010 Eppu got his first clear run in class 2 in Tromso.

16.6.2010 Jussi has reached class 2 now

13.5.2010 Jussi got a 0-result last weekend.

6.4.2010 Jussi got a result yesterday.

4.4.2010 Results for Eppu and Jussi.

14.11.2009 The dogs went to swimming today again. Some photos:

[Putte 11/09] [Eppu 11/09] [Jussi 11/09] [Eppu ja Jussi 14.11.09]
You'll see a larger photo by clicking on a thumbnail. The larger photos are situated in their own gallery.

13.11.2009 Eppu had two runs last weekend. We got only poor results.

20.10.2009 Eppu has done his first run in class 2. He did very good job and got result 5,00.

4.10.2009 Eppu got his last 0 yesterday. So he has reached class 2 now. You'll find a video here (The first one "Epun nousunolla").

13.8.2009 Holiday photos from Norway and photos from Midnattsolhoppet.