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Danish-Swedish Farmdog

Tarupihan Lilliputti "Putte"
Yacatis Absolut Caramel "Eppu"
Tarupihan Keskikesänjuhla "Jussi"
Yacatis Wiksu Weto "Pontus"

[Eppu and Putte]Danish-Swedish Farmdog is a lively, joyful, agile and alert breed. That's why the farmdog is often used as a watchdog and ratter. The farmdog usually loves people and they can be very good with children.

The farmdog is intelligent, curious and they learn easily. So they need a lot of some kind of activity. Walking or jogging are of course very suitable exercises for any dog, but running without a leash or playing with other dogs is extremely important too. The farmdog is also eager to play with his owner, and they love attention.

The coat is short and easy to clean. The farmdog sheds all year. Brushing of course helps to reduce the loose hair problem. This is a breed which needs clothes in wintertime and whenever in moist and windy weather.